About Launch

“In a free-enterprise economy, the satisfaction of supply and demand within a market place can only be viably undertaken if it produces an acceptable profit for the entrepreneur. This economic rule of practice is no different in the world of professional property development and for the astute property investor.”
- Michael Kokkinos

Founded by Melbourne businessman and current CEO Michael Kokkinos, Launch Corporation is a dedicated property development company that collaborates with creative and dynamic entrepreneurs to deliver innovative and profitable projects for its investors and stakeholders.

The company's project team combines more than 100 years of experience in the property, strategic research & analysis, planning, design, construction, investment and finance sectors. An Advisory Board comprised of some of Australia's most successful and respected business people backs this specialist team.

Since its inception, Launch Corporation has successfully completed numerous projects, including award winning ‘high end' contemporary living and impressive 7 star energy rating apartment style accommodation, thereby earning a reputation as one of the pre-eminent developers in Melbourne's premier precincts.

Launch Corporation encourages its team to explore all boundaries in the creation and delivery of innovative developments whilst acknowledging the evolution and planning demands of Melbourne's 2030 vision statement and its relevance to a changing demographic.

The company's success is underpinned at the land acquisition stage by identifying the optimal use for a particular site, determining the most favourable product to meet demand and monitoring the master plan whilst remaining alert toward market fluctuations and economic impacts. This multi-disciplinary approach delivers focused outcomes that are considered, insightful and progressive.

Focus Area

Launch Corporation’s investment focus comprises four key criteria:

  • Residential Developments (Medium to High Density)
  • Area 10 - 25km from the CBD
  • Mix-Use Developments (Retail & Residential)
  • Within proposed structure plans of Major Activity Centres

This stringent criterion allows Launch Corporation to take on only those projects that are financially feasible, do not compromise stakeholder interest and offer sustainable and affordable solutions.